Arbitration of China aviation disputes

18 Nov 2020

The Mainland Chinese domestic aviation market has been one of the quickest to bounce back from the pandemic.  How in this climate, the geo-political new normal, to resolve Mainland Chinese-related aviation disputes?


Aircraft redelivery - what can possibly go wrong?

29 Sep 2020


Aircraft redelivery has become an increasingly fertile breeding ground for disputes between lessors and lessees. The sums involved can be significant. Aircraft engines, airframe and component parts are complex marvels of engineering that require careful routine maintenance. Engine borescope examinations do not come cheap. Keeping technical records up to date can be onerous. Lessors and lessees should carefully consider issues around aircraft redelivery when negotiating a lease to avoid turbulence.


FitzGerald Lawyers takes off with aviation insider

01 Sep 2020

Peter McCullough is an experienced aviation lawyer ex Pillsbury and Holman Fenwick Willan and joins FitzGerald Lawyers to develop its aviation practice at this critical juncture for the industry.  Amid all the chaos and disruption there is need for level-headed, pragmatic advice to manage risks/enforce rights and take advantage of opportunities to build new ventures and do business differently.