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Darren FitzGerald speaks on China Business trends at Australia National University School of Law

02 Aug 2018

On 1 August 2018 FitzGerald Lawyers managing partner Darren FitzGerald returned to his alma mater, Australia National University (ANU) School of Law, to give a talk on the business trends in China. Darren's seminar, entitled "Working with China", guided law students and faculty through the evolving challenges of doing business throughout Asia-Pacific (especially in China).

Darren (ANU BA Hons '92, LLB Hons '94, GDLP '95) gave his seminar as part of ANU's inaugural Global Passport Law Student Lunch Series where alumni from throughout the region share their experiences working in Asia-Pacific. He shared his views gained from over 20 years of experience working in Asia-Pacific and on the unique Chinese business aspect of "guanxi" and the challenge of building mutual trust.