In these challenging times we support employers and employees with flexible and innovative work arrangements.  Working from home, consensual arrangements to vary conditions, health and safety, data security.  All with a view to getting employers and staff through, and where this may not be possible, to manage redundancies.

Some employers will choose, or are forced, to cease operations.  Here we deal with employment issues and call on our expert teams in corporate and insolvency to support.

Some employees and expatriates will choose to go to their home countries or migrate and we can support with immigration and investment programs through our Hong Kong and Australian offices and international network.

It is not just about COVID.  We continue to advise leading companies, consulting firms and senior employees from contract terms, bonus and share plans through discrimination complaints and post contract restrictions.  We work to reach a cost effective, practical negotiated or mediated outcome where disputes arise. Where this is not possible our leading dispute resolution team is well-placed to assert rights through courts and tribunals.

For some time a growing area of our practice has been data privacy around employment.  We are regularly asked to prepare privacy policies for employers, including those for use on websites, harmonising to the extent possible with policies in their head office.